Definition of key inputs for filering tool

Graduate attributes of engineers, as defined by professional/educational bodies will be examined with a view to mapping to a range of psychometric tests from the literature. These will include things like thinking styles, personality type, aptitude testing etc. An instrument/tool will be developed in O2 that best maps to the graduate attributes required. The output O1, therefore, is a definition of which psychometric tests capture the abilities/thinking styles etc related to the attributes required of successful engineers. Furthermore, gender-specific issues and strategies (around the question styles and data collection methods) will be defined. Cultural, social and educational nuances relevant to each of the participant locations will be accounted for in a localization process.

The result:

A big part of the project has been to discuss and agrees upon what kind of data that will be put into the tool. Both ethical principles, as well as knowledge about presumptive students fears and beliefs, have been taken in to account. The final decisions on input data can be found in the alumni survey where we ask alumni’s and present student to hand in the key inputs for the filtering tool.