About Project Anna

Project Anna is the output of an EU funded Erasmus+ initiative that aims to address the gender imbalance in Engineering and Technology. We want to increase the awareness of what it means to be an engineer and to address some of the stereotypes that are associated with studying a technological course at University. From previous research projects (ATTRACT and Ung Ingenjör/Young Engineer) we know self-confidence and perception (of self in the role of engineer/technologist) are issues for high school girls.

In our project we have developed a tool called ”Anna” (Anna being a fictional character). ”Anna” will assist young girls to search an anonymized database of profiles of alumni and current university students. These profiles contain information about the motivations and concerns of the current and past students when they chose to enter university. We hope that by sharing the thoughts and concerns of current and past university students we can provide reassurance to potential future students that any doubts, concerns or questions they may have are not unique to them, but have been shared by previous high school students who have successfully entered and/or completed engineering/technology program

mes in university.

Want to know more about the Anna-tool. Look at the introduction video:

https://vimeo.com/user24717028/review/304330162/3b03e170a0 >


Note for Parents and Users of Anna

We do not store any personal data on the site or in the tool. We make limited use of cookies – to enhance the user experience (introductory content is automatically shown to first time visitors but not to returning visitors). There is an optional survey where users can give feedback on how useful they found the tool, but no personal data is requested or stored.

We provide links to some external websites for information purposes. We do not endorse or take responsibility for the content there. Anna is not a psychometric instrument or diagnostic tool and should not be used for this purpose. Although some questions may have similarity to some instruments of psychological evaluation, the Anna tool has no psychometric validity, is not intended to guide, define or trace vocational profiles of its users. The final results do not exclude, or substitute any psychologist, student counsellor to whom the student or family may consult to explore vocational competences or profile. It is a search tool to allow users to browse an anonymised database of current and graduated students. We recommend that any student and/or their parent/guardian should use only use this tool as part of a more general information gathering process when making decisions about where and what to study. Please note that our database is constructed from responses of students/graduates of universities who partook in this project. The characteristics of students/graduates from other institutions offering engineering/technology degrees may vary.