Final Conference – June 13-14, 2019 in Stockholm

A final open conference will be held to be attended by all partners, where presentation of all the final results, findings and recommendations to a wider audience, including various external stakeholders (schools from other countries, partner universities, other CLUSTER partners, student representatives, alumni, employers, media representatives policy makers, etc.) This final conference will be hosted by KTH Stockholm. Around 70 external participants from the different categories to attend the event but this won’t represent a limit to the participation of other individuals in case of higher interest.

A final open conference was held in Stockholm lunch to lunch 13-14 june 2019. 

Schedule: agenda final conferens 20190605

Presentation from the meeting: 

INGDIVS Stockholm June2019

presentation KTH increasing gender diversity in stem

Presentation INGDIVS_June2019

Final Meeting – About Anna

Public summary report from the project:

REPORT 20190610 Final version v2