About the project

Policy priorities:

  • Supporting the implementation of reforms in line with the 2011 EU Modernisation Agenda’s priority areas
  • Inclusive education, training and youth

General objectives:

  • Increasing the number of graduates
  • attracting a broader cross-section of society into higher education
  • reducing the numbers who drop out without completing their courses

Expected results:

  • Develop a filtering tool using multiple dimensions such as aptitude testing, thinking styles, personality types and problem-solving style
  • The tool has been developed to correlate with graduate attributes as defined by engineering professional bodies.
  • The tool has been designed to be usable by three cohorts – successful graduates, current students and prospective students (i.e. at the high school level).
  • Prospective students using the tool will be matched to current students and successful graduates.
  • A mapping tool has been developed to provide intuitive and easy-to-understand feedback to aid the prospective student make a more informed choice. The final output of the project will be represented by the Anna App.